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About Us


HBC-radiomatic, Inc.
1017 Petersburg Rd
Hebron, KY 41048
Unites States 

Phone (859) 689-6480
Fax (866) 266-7227

About Us

Since 1947, HBC-radiomatic has led the market in the development and production of radio control systems for industrial and mobile hydraulic applications across the globe. Through the company’s stringent quality standards, ground-breaking innovations and dedication to meeting the needs of its customers, HBC-radiomatic continues to set the benchmark for cutting-edge, robust wireless control. Worldwide demand for HBC-radiomatic systems has led to an international network of subsidiaries and partners now serving more than 60 countries.

Established in Cincinnati in 1998, HBC-radiomatic, Inc. has evolved to become a leading supplier of safe radio control solutions for North America. Ideally positioned adjacent to the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati airport (CVG), HBC-radiomatic Inc.’s purpose-built North American headquarters was designed to ensure the organization is fully equipped to offer the rapid delivery of systems, unparalleled pre and aftersales service, and the ability to expand to meet the specific needs of a growing customer base. 

With a commitment to quality and innovation and through a determined program of continuous improvement, HBC-radiomatic is dedicated to leading the industry by providing superior value to our clients. It is our clear vision to be the supplier of choice for those requiring safe, reliable and advanced radio control solutions.

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